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The College of Neuro and Sensory Development Presents



School Ready Programme for Parents

Just because your child is of school age doesn’t mean their brain is ‘school ready’. This may be reflected in learning difficulties they may have. Or maybe their concentration is not good.


I am now showing parents how to improve their child’s ‘school readiness’ with the neurodevelopment  programme I use on children who have specific learning difficulties. For decades these techniques have been shown to help the symptoms of dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Mutism and so on.


Now I am making it available for the first time as a parentally focused do at home programme, so that you can work with your child and prepare their brain for school readiness.


The course is over two days, which will be a month apart. It is easy, practical and hands on to learn.


The brain learns through movement and so a neurotypical person will have gone through the same movements naturally as every other neurotypical person. So all we are doing is repeating the natural developmental stages to give the brain another chance to develop as it might have done the first time had no problems occurred.


In this first teaching session let me know of your child’s diagnosis if any and we start you on the rightcourse. ADHD and Autistic children will need more support than the other labels, so if this is the case let me know and I will add a couple of the days of preparatory support to the course specially for you.


Courses will take place on Saturdays or Sundays. If you would like a week day that is possible too.

Please advise on the form.

School-Ready Programme for parents 3 days (Flexible)

This course can be taken all at once or days can be spaced out to suit.

This is a practical course for parents that will inspire and support.


Baby Brainbuzzz

Baby brainbuzzz 1 day

This is a short course for parents wishing to give their babies the best start. If you are concerned that

there may be neurodevelopment issues, then this course will help.


This course is open to practitioners and parents to enable classes to be available near you

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