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Course Title: Practitioner Training 5 days, or train online in your own time. Click on the links below.


















Many of my course graduates are therapists, and like me have immediately seen the benefit of brainbuzzz in their practices. There is at least one child in every classroom who has learning issues and so there is no shortage people who need help.


Neurodevelopment slots easily into your existing practice and is ideal for those patients with spectrum disorders (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, mutism and more). Being involved with neurodevelopment has been life changing for me and it is likely to be the same for you and your patients.


The symptoms of learning issues have been well documented but what has been missing is an easy and effective treatment and this is what I offer. Based on science, clinical practice and research, this course is tried and tested on many many people.


Reshape your future by enrolling on one of my exciting courses today. For more information and to make a booking simply click on one of the links below.



To Book an appointment to see Sue Cook:

1. Call 07730188536 or email  

2. Pay in advance at time of booking.

3. Cancellations and changed appointment bookings can incur a fee.

4. 72 hour cancellation policy: within this time frame appointments incur a 100% fee.





Training Courses with Sue are listed below. Or train online here ...

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