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myths about learning issues


1 There is no effective treatment for learning issues


When I was told my son had such severe dyslexia he might just about be able to read his name by the time he was 12, I was horrified. Horrified at the belief that nothing could be done and I had to accept his fate. I refused to listen to the people who said this, even my father. When I discovered neurodevelopment, my son began to improve immediately including a marked improvement with how happy he was.



2 Learning Issues are hereditary so nothing can be done


Whilst we tend to think of genetics as fixed, the brain is plastic, so even if we inherit something like a predisposition to dyslexia, it doesn’t mean we can’t do an effective neurodevelopment programme the same as we would with anyone.



3 If you have learning issues you are thick


Dyslexia and so on, are sensory distortions. They have nothing to do with intelligence. If you can’t find your glasses and so you can’t read something, it doesn’t suddenly mean you have become stupid. The same applies to learning issues. The input nerves to the brain are affected and so the environment cannot be interpreted optimally.



4 That the label is important


When I treat patients, I look at the child not the label. Labels can be wrong. They act as a guideline for me in the clinic, but the individual is more important.



5 Only children can be helped


I treat people of all ages, and because the brain is plastic, you can be helped. Parents sometimes say to me that they wished they met me a few years before because their child is a teenager now, or in work now and it’s too late. But this is not the case. If you have any learning issue then it’s worth getting the right kind of help for it so that you can live your best potential life.


6 My child is a genius and doing brainbuzzz might take that away


Doing brainbuzzz will only improve on however a person with sensory distortions is functioning. If they are a genius with sensory issues, imagine how amazing they will be when life is more comfortable for them. I have seen examples of this  many times in the clinic.

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