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I'm so pleased you're here!

You have found me because you have a child with some learning difficulties and you are looking for help. You have been told that there's nothing that can be done. I am here to say that I was told nothing could be done and I didn't believe it. I found answers for my son, and I can share with you what I learnt.


Brainbuzzz has been developed to give you the help you need, easily, quickly and affordably. This programme has been shown to help with autistic spectrum symptoms for decades.


What's on offer?

I can offer you 1:1 sessions with myself.

I can offer you training people to be   neurodevelopmentalists. Training dates are in the courses pages.




Email me on to book in a chat to see if brainbuzzz is right for you.

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Stay awhile and browse

Feel free to find out more about me and what I can offer you, what I did for my son and how I can help your family, by looking all through the website.


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Does your child have learning issues like dyslexia? Click here for support and receive your FREE E Book 

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