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These are a few of the people we have helped since 2007 with learning issue like dyslexia and dyscalculia (and the rest). We hope this inspires you to get brainbuzzzing with us.


Testimonials/ Case Studies


Sue Cook has recently received the following awards: Ixion Award: Entrepreneur of the Year 2013; Ixion Award

Best Professional Services Business 2013. Ixion Innovation Award 2014. Excellent Customer Sevic Award Countywide Essex 2016.

Sue has also been a finalist in many other awards.



"Sue Cook and Brainbuzzz literally transformed my family's life overnight – no exaggeration. I wept when my son and I finally met her. My son scored very highly on many spectrum disorders, our life (and his) had been a living nightmare for many years until we found Sue, who was the first person to truly understand what was happening. We followed the programme for a year, but the improvements began after just one day. If you have or know any child who is on the spectrum in any way, I cannot urge you strongly enough to go and see Sue and do this programme. She is an amazing woman with a vast and incredible knowledge on neuro development and so caring and compassionate".


Lina Esposito


I highly recommend Sue Cook as a therapist; she has been brilliant with my son, who was borderline autistic, and severely dyslexic, he is now no longer dyslexic, doing very well in a normal school, with a good set of friends. He made a huge jump with the care & advice that Sue gave us. Also she has taught me about Neurology and the ways of helping brain injured children through exercises to stimulate the brain.




“Sue Cook is the child brain whisperer. May all desperate parents and children find you to have the breakthrough in confidence they deserve”


George V Helou.


"We have had another great appointment with the miracle worker Sue Cook this morning with Mia regarding her wetting. It's just like a massive relief seeing Mia do so well and Mia's confidence growing as she stays dry all day now and she is able to worry about kiddy things not wetting herself. Thanks to Sue days out are much less stressful. Thank you sooooo much xxxxx"


Helen Wilson.


I met Sue four years ago; she treated 'Joseph' then for the first time, giving us exercises to do. After a short space of time I noticed that my son was much calmer and more coordinated. He seemed to begin to remember sequences of events and be more rational. We saw her again a couple of months later. By this time Sue and I had an in depth discussion via email of his progress almost daily. This was incredible for me as the support she gave was very unusual for a Therapist. We charted his progress and she gave me many ideas of how to continue the treatment. Also telling me of good books to read as background to his condition of mild Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.


When he first went to see her, he was wary of looking at her in the eye, and not able to join in with a rational conversation. As time has gone by his change is miraculous. The teachers at his school commented on how much happier he was, and more able to do the same work as his peers. Sue’s programme is organic and one based on love of the child and support of the parents, and siblings. My whole family have benefited from her care. My son has achieved so much this year, we continue to do a few movements.


I have had an education from Sue and now understand from a Neurological point of view the process and its background. I have never come across a Therapist like this before. Thank you Sue for bringing our son out of the chaos and insecurity to a happy and fulfilled life. Recently my son was assessed again by the therapist who diagnosed his breakdown and autism at five years old, and she said she had never seen such a miraculous and incredible recovery in a child ever. We told her about Sue.


This testimonial is from my father. I have talked about him a lot in my books, and he is a dyslexia teacher. I think it is of interest to include his viewpoint and understanding, here.


Sue Cook.


"As a dyslexia teacher what I do is aimed at teaching children to learn letters and then make words. We use sound and shape recognition among other things. We also use ‘feel’, to draw letters in the air. It's a system that works very well if they are prepared to work hard. It can take varying times depending on the pupil, up to four years. It's not a cure.


When Sue found her programme I had to find out what it was about. I wasn't against it but I had been told there was no cure and I believed it. But with Sue's programme it is like a cure, because it makes the brain work properly. I’m very pleased with Sue's work. I admire it. Basically Sue is teaching the hemispheres to work correctly, and hers is a whole brain approach. I do think it’s doing a great job with the left and right functions. It's better than the system I was taught and have used successfully. I taught alternatives but Sue teaches something much more effective. One of the most important things is that individuals have different skills. I'm dyscalculate, can't remember dates and times, but I'm really good with words. Compare Richard Branson, who is dyslexic but clearly good at figures.


My dad used to tell me to swing my arms when I walk and I learnt about that from Sue, and left and right coordination. I've been aware for years about mixed dominance in the hemispheres because I have that, so the left and right problem is something I am aware of and Sue's programme addresses this. Toby, my grandson, used to work with me (I taught him some of my dyslexia lessons) and he was cooperative with me. His problems were quite severe. If Sue hadn't intervened and he had just done my system, he would be dyslexic, but would be coping better. Instead, he is now symptom free and doing brilliantly."


Mick Ford. Aged 83.


'By helping our youngest Sue supported on many levels including giving me the confidence to engage with the school for help and knowing that I wasn't doing anything wrong as a mother.

I instinctively knew something wasn't quite right for our youngest son, who was around 7/8 when I contacted Sue. He was finding certain things in life so difficult, he got overwhelmed easily presenting in angry outbursts, couldn't retain number based maths learning at all, wouldn't/couldn't wear certain clothes in the extreme and had attention problems at school (although this didn't present with hyperactivity so wasn't really picked up by the school) he would not distract others just completely switch off and daydream. He was however very bright and engaging and seemed to be happy and love live in other areas- it broke my heart as a mother to have people around me, even family members try and tell me he was just a naughty and stubborn boy who didn't want to do his homework.

I came across Sue, I call it universal intervention and we have never looked back. Sue was wonderful and our son took to her instantly, she explained about the workings of the brain and how and why problems can arise. Our son surprised us and followed the exercises without much argument, I think because he trusted Sue when she explained how they could help he just wanted to do them. Within a few weeks his behaviour had altered and i have a strong memory of my husband saying, 'I don't profess to understand what you are doing but whatever it is it's working'. The most obvious change was his temperament at home, he stopped exploding with frustration and slowly started to be able to multitask and he suffered less anxiety going into school in the mornings. I did a lot of reading on the back of what I learned from Sue to be able to support Joe further with his dyscalculia which is an ongoing thing but because we have the knowledge from Sue he doesn't stress about it. His sensory problems lessened through separate exercises Sue gave us and attention span is better than we ever dared to imagine. He is now in secondary school in year 8 and happy beyond belief which for us as parents watching him in such angst earlier is a minor miracle.

After the initial work and 2 or 3 follow ups I emailed Sue many times with questions so i could continue to support our son in other ways, nutrition being one. Sue always answered gladly with helpful information which was so supportive.

Having seen and worked with Sue i would say don't sit and fret about whether this type of work will help your child or not, no matter how mild or extreme you think your child's issues might or might not be, by contacting Sue your mind will soon be put at rest and some of your questions answered.'

Jayne Steggles.


"We have an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosed with both dyslexia and dyspraxia at the age of 6. In addition to these problems she has been struggling with high anxiety this year, resulting in some obsessive compulsive like tendencies. She has struggled to form friendships, particularly at school, and until recently she has been a nervous, shy child who constantly craves adult attention. Several months ago a friend sent me a link to Sue’s website. Reading through the site’s content at work nearly reduced me to tears, because I felt that this could be a turning point for out daughter. Could this person be able to help us? I immediately contacted Sue, had a long chat about my daughter and made an appointment.


The change to our daughter started happening within days of commencing the exercises and is nothing short of stunning. She has become much more animated, confident, happy, sociable, and I have never heard her laugh as much as she has since beginning the programme. We are now on day 104 of an exercise programme adapted for our daughter by Sue, having completed 100 days without missing a single day.We even did the exercises on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as by then we were all determined to reach the magic 100. Her reward for this was a play date with two of her school friend, and they all had a wonderful time. (We were really pleased with her choice of reward, as she has struggled with friendships in the past). Under Sue’s instruction we have introduced the next set of exercises during this week, and our daughter has this week moved up a level in the books she is reading at school!


This may have been a coincidence, but the first new level book she brought home from school and she read it from cover tocover (with a little help) and was eager to read the whole book she received the next day. Unfortunately bed time came around far too quickly, so she only read half the book! Before Sue’s ‘magical’ programme I would really struggle to get her to read one or two pages. (Her tested reading age is 6, our daughter is 8). Before the programme everyday life seemed an uphill struggle and left us all feeling exhausted and frustrated. We now live in a much happier household. I would like to say a big thank you to Sue for finding this programme and being willing to pass it onto others with similar problems".


Mrs P


"I met Sue Cook online while I was living in Scotland and learned of her success in particular for us, with dyslexia. We travelled down to Essex to see her. We found Sue to be very welcoming and knowledgeable. Her methods are very effective; within a very short time my dyslexic son began to enjoy reading. He was ten at the time. He said that is was now possible for him to read and he was delighted! This was almost a year ago. He has now recently learned to ride his bicycle which was something he had always refused to try...he loves it. Swimming is next on his list, another activity he refused to take part in. He continues to enjoy reading. I am delighted to recommend Sue's services it has definitely made a huge difference and I am so pleased i followed my instincts and brought my son to see her."


Karen, UK


"My 8 year old son has been following this programme for a few months and so far he is certainly calmer and more amenable to taking instructions. He finds the exercises easy to do and it is not too difficult to persuade him to do them each day! I look forward to seeing further improvement as we continue".




Testimonial for Sue "Sue is a kind and compassionate holistic therapist, with a conscientious and professional approach to her work. With a strong desire for knowledge and understanding of her field and related areas Sue reads extensively and is thorough and meticulous in her research. I am regularly impressed by her ability to quickly grasp new concepts and theories and integrate and adapt her methods appropriately". Karen Stevenson BScHons (Hom), DipNT,


"It is impossible to describe Susie Cook in the proverbial 25 words or less. She has a vast educational background that allows her to understand the explosion of knowledge in the fields of brain research that has happened over the last 100 and especially the last 20 years. This knowledge is vital to back up clinical work with children. But helping children is not like working with controlled laboratory conditions.


There is no such thing as a statistically significant child. To guide their growth you also need the kind of maternal instinct and sense of humor that Susie possesses. With me she shares the feeling that once you have a child, you are concerned about the welfare of all children. She has the intelligence to put her own stamp on the new field that is now known as the neurobehavioral disorders. She has the keen insight to help not only those with obvious needs, but those children that are most overlooked: The really smart ones who overcompensate so beautifully that no one call tell that there is something wrong that is keeping them back from fully exploiting their intelligence. As we pioneers in child development are getting old and fading into the sunset, we desperately need someone like Sue Cook to carry on the work and put on their own wisdom to carry on what we have started. I am delighted to be able to pass on the torch to Susie Cook!"


Svea Gold


"My improvements: Eye tracking: looking horizontal plane, diagonal, & vertical. My issue was looking down. Headrighting. With eyes closed, I was completely "disoriented," but now able to focus on an "imagined" point in front with eyes closed and be tilted. Although, still a slight issue with tilting forward, I was able to adjust immediately when asked to focus on it. Motion sickness: I told Sue about the initial case of being able to read on a bus.


Handwriting: it occurred to me, after Sue asked, I am able to be aware of when I'm holding the pen too tight and write with more ease. It keeping with all things Chinese Medicine & Chinese philosophy, it talks about the "flow of Qi" when writing. This level of "consciousness" would seem to have an affect on my needling skills, martial skills, as well as my Guzheng (Chinese Zither) skills. Texting: here's something interesting.


Sue's on my FB and has been observing my texting and grammar on my posts. What she observed was that there is improvement. From my end, I thought I'd make an effort to write/text more formally. It felt comfortable to do so. I was apart of the early generation that heavily used texting, back in the days when we need that "no." to cross network text with One to One network, and unlimited evening calls. Liberating: it's..."interesting" to observe reactions of those that I have told of a solution. The value I've received for what I've paid, is..."PRICELESS." That exponential growth of my learning, "cognitive-capacity," "mental-faculty" will eventually give hit that curve, cos it's of my interest to improve my "learning skills," "brain function," etc etc! How liberating would it be if we could unlock the true potential of the brain? I never gave up for resolution, nor "accepted" anyone's limitations as my own.


Once again, I'm extremely grateful for life and crossing paths with Sue." Simon 37 diagnosed with dyslexia, this report is one month from first appointment. I first met Sue when my son became extremely ill with bronchitis at six months old. Her knowledge overwhelmed me and her eagerness to resolve my son's condition was really supportive.


Over the past 14 years I have sought Sue's vast knowledge for various ailments concerning most of my friends and family. Sue provides not only practical, do-able solutions but also an eagerness to learn and develop and in turn evolve her passion to heal. People like Sue are few and far between, I have never met anyone with such passion and enthusiasm to heal and conquer what many people see as unsolvable issues within conventional medication.


J, mother, 30s, Maldon


My 7 year old son was ‘statemented’ at the age of 4. He suffers from a speech and language delay, has difficulty retaining information and displays mild autistic traits. Shortly before his sixth birthday I took him to meet Sue Cook. She assessed him in a relaxed environment and thoroughly explained that her findings to me. Sue gave me some exercises (which seemed more fun than a chore for my son!). In a matter of weeks I saw improvement. His sleeping pattern gradually changed and his concentration level improved at school. Over the months that followed his speech, which had appeared to have plateaued,

began to advance. In fact, everyone could now easily understand him. As a result of these combinedfactors he has now began to read very basic text. He has become a calmer child - although still very demanding. I am convinced the approach Sue used has had a profound effect on him in a very positive



V, mother of four


Boy aged 7 after four months on programme 1. He listens to and carries out instructions better - he can now follow a series, whereas before we had to give him instructions one at a time 2. He can now dress himself properly, 3. The tracking has improved hugely, and also his hand/eye co-ordination 4. He is generally much more aware and responsive ... says hello, thank you, etc, where he used to always forget 5. Massive progress in pen control and is now writing as well as any of his classmates 6. He seems to be developing a much better grasp of space and time, remembering what he has to do each day, thinking about passing seasons, getting his belongings in order for school 7. He is generally much more "with us" and sensible ... we can now have a conversation without flying off into fantasy after a couple of minutes, and he is beginning to ask very pertinent questions about what he sees going on around him. There are still concentration issues: we often have to repeat what we say to him and his teacher says that he is fine one-to-one but when she is talking to the whole class he "goes away".


Our son aged 7 struggled with co-ordination problems especially his gross motor skills & handwriting. We have been a patient of Sue's for 4 months now and have seen exceptional results since doing Sue's daily exercise programme. Results noticed by us below: 1) Our son can now write much neater, even the school have commented on his progress. 2) He can now manage his daily tasks alone at school without being reminded by his teachers. 3) He is moving up in Maths with better grades due to higher concentration levels. 4) He has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers. His balance is near perfect and

he rarely falls off!!! 5) He has also moved up a level in his swimming class due to having much more flexibility & control with his arms and legs. 6) He is also showing much more interest in other sporting activities due to now having the confidence to join in, as before he was always lagging being the other children. Our son has always been outgoing with Adults but has sometimes struggled to communicate closely with other children. This has now passed and he is in full swing with the other children and has many friends. Sue has a wealth of knowledge and is a very special person that we are glad to have met.

We are very grateful to be part of this remarkable programme that has helped transform our son.


Regards Mr & Mrs Rayner


Testimonial Boy age 9 before the programme severe ADHD and more unable to go to school due to behavioural issues that clashed with those required by school (leading to disruption) skin hypersensitivity, noise hypersensitivity inability to sit still inability to concentrate at all not reading tracking problems problems interacting with other children gluten sensitivity He has been on programme a few months, and his mother wrote the following report for me.


In the last week my son (aged 9, diagnosed with ADHD, possible dyslexia, maybe on autism spectrum) reached a milestone. He agreed to try and read (to me) a chapter book suitable for his age group - it may not sound like a big step but it shows great progress for him. Eighteen months ago, he first allowed me to read a book to him that was not heavily illustrated. Since then, we have built up to reading quite thick and involved books, without illustrations, and he is able to follow the story, and remember when we get up to each time we stop.


We've been at that stage for a while, but he was still reading books suitable for new readers, and struggling with quite a few of the words in them. Attempts to get him to read something longer usually only lasted a couple of days before he declared it was too difficult and he wouldn't read that book any more. So it was big step forward for him to choose to, and continue to, read this book. He only reads a page a day, and stumbles over quite a few words, but that doesn't matter. I'm hoping that before long he will try to read it to himself (with help when needed) but I'll wait until he is ready for that.


Leaving aside his reading, he has been making progress in other areas since starting your exercises. A sensory assessment showed him to be hypersensitive to noise and temperature, also the feel of his clothing (he would only wear sweatpants of similar soft clothing). He now wears jeans! We went out for dinner the other night and the restaurant was increasingly hot and noisy. He was really feeling this towards the end of the meal, but not showing it by getting angry or hyperactive, as he would previously have done. Dealing with the noise and heat exhausted him, rather than irritating him.


Another big step is that he was actually able to tell us that the heat and noise were bothering him. That is progress! We were all able to finish our meals without a problem. He doesn't go to school any more so it isn't possible to tell if he is able to control his behaviour any better in that stressful situation (we removed him from school as he was completely unable to cope there, and the school could not cope with him). We do meet with other children for home-education events frequently, and it has been noticeable to me in the last few months that he has been able to return to a situation after a problem has occurred, and not repeat the problem.


It has always been very difficult for him to confront a situation which has gone "bad", but he now seems to be able to put the past behind him, to an extent, and move on. Another sign of brain re-wiring? So we certainly intend to continue with the exercises for as long as necessary, and look forward to seeing the improvements continuing.


Testimonial for Sue Cook I have consulted Sue Cook on numerous occasions. She is an incredibly caring, knowledgeable and perceptive person with tremendous drive and a genuine desire to help others. Sue Cook possesses a can-do attitude and a belief in people and their abilities. She listens to and motivates those around her and will stop at nothing in her quest to help others reach their full potential. She is an inspiration to the rest of us!


A, 30s


Sue Cook is an exceptional therapist not only because of her extensive knowledge but because of her  tenacity in finding the right solutions for each individual patient. I have always found her to be deeply caring and professional, constantly keeping her eye on the latest developments. Having worked with many ADHD children I know that they need someone to listen and take on board how they feel and Sue is perfect for this.


S, friend of 18 years


Sue Cook, besides being brilliant and perceptive, is compassionate and resourceful. You and your child will be in competent, capable care and you will receive practical, effective, and transformative guidance and remedies.


Annelle Norman BSc (Hons) LCCH


I have suffered from regular blackouts for about four years with a constant headache and fatigue accompany them. Before I met Sue I was having 20 or more a day. My life was a struggle I could hardly get out the house and need a wheelchair to get around. I could hardly do anything round the house also so placed a heavy burden on my mother. Sue suggested I remove Gluten from my diet. I admit I was sceptical, but my friend who introduced me to Sue bought me a book to make sure I tried it. Sue has essentially saved my life as I my symptoms were only getting worse as time went on. I've been on a gluten free diet for just over two years and my blackouts have reduced significantly to the point where they are weeks, sometimes months apart. My constant headache that accompanied them has gone. I don’t use my wheelchair any more as over time my mobility has improved, thought i’m still very careful when out and about just in case. I also have to be careful when eating out due to the allergy, as I have been caught out many times. Given time this will hopefully improve further when the damage to my body

caused by Gluten has been reversed completely. Sue is such a nice and knowledgeable lady I would recommend her services to anyone.


Neal, Northampton, UK


I just wanted to say that your presentation last week was nothing short of awesome. You are doing such important work and your compassion, enthusiasm and intelligence shone out. Meeting you over coffee before the presentations I didn't even ask you about your work and instead went on ad infinitum about what we do. I hope you can forgive me for boring you to bits. I do hope to see you again. My sincerethanks for a thoroughly absorbing presentation.


Best regards Alan Ambridge


Good afternoon Sue - absolutely fantastic presentation at the Breakfast yesterday, thank you for enlightening me, and clearly blowing the room away with your enthusiasm and knowledge! I am just about to go and investigate your website and inform myself a little further, but it was great to become aware of you and your work. Hope you have a great day,


Kind regards, Alasdair Jones


Sue Cook came to my attention upon chance when I read her article about Neuro-Developmental delay in a magazine. My six year-old was diagnosed with selective mutism, but he also had problems with reading and writing and co-ordination skills. When I researched Neuro-Developmental Delay the symptoms sounded exactly like the problems my son had been encountering and that is why I signed him up for Sue's programme. Eight weeks on and my son no longer has selective mutism, he is beginning to read and write, can now pedal on his bike and generally seems a much happier little boy. He loves to do Sue's programme and has progressed really well. I will continue on the programme and look forward to seeing my son progress even further. I wantto say a huge thank you to Sue for given us hope and light at the end of the tunnel.




Dear Sue, I am writing to thank you for the difference you have made to my family's life. In the last year since starting Neurodevelopmental therapy with you, my son has transformed from a highly strung, hyperactive, frustrated little boy into a much calmer, happier and more socialised person. When we came to you we were absolutely exhausted and desperate for help.


For years, going out with him was a stressful and fearful experience. My son seemed to be unaware of children younger than him and would hurt them without meaning to. When I spoke to him about it, he had no idea what I was talking about. He would also get horribly bullied by other children within minutes of joining a group or playground. He was unable to spend quality time with other children as he would often drift off into his own little world at a moment's notice, resulting in him not being able to form friendships. At the age of seven he was unable to dress himself, eat a meal without dropping most of it, catch moving objects, or even seem to hear me when I spoke to him. All this would send him into frequent rages, up to 10 a day, with him venting his anger in screaming outbursts, hitting out at others and even hitting himself. I felt as if I was living a

nightmare and I eventually stopped going out, not knowing what to do.


After completing just one day of the programme, he undressed and put on his pyjamas. A few days later, we were in a playground and we noticed that he was behaving incredibly gently with a young child, So gently, in fact, that his carer came

up to us to remark on it, how surprising it was to see such gentleness from a young boy. As each day went by, he was able to do more and more things. Most of his food was now going in his mouth and there was hardly any mess when he ate. The rages were happening less frequently and most of the intensity had dissipated. He was hearing me more and responding to my requests, doing what I asked with almost no resistance ( until then, he had almost never done what I requested), and I was able to start going out with him in public again.


Over time, I have noticed a stillness and inner peace. One year on, we are starting togo to groups and he is playing with other children, he is courteous and gentle with babies and toddlers, there are almost no rages, and he can dress himself

completely.He is still an incredibly sensitive child and needs extra care and help in many things, but I feel positive about the future...that we will cope with whatever it brings and that he will continue to improve in many areas.


So thank you Sue for all you have literally been a life-saver. I can now have a normal life, go with him on buses and trains without meltdowns, socialise more, and most importantly, and you have helped the beautiful, gentle, loving soul that was trapped inside my son to emerge from behind the anger and frustrations. So, again, thank you.


Training Testimonials


I attended a training day for Brainbuzzz with Sue Cook recently and came away confident that I had grasped the essence of the technique and was able to practice it on clients immediately.


Pedro Blanco


Sue is an enthusiastic and skillful teacher who can bring alive the concepts and principals of this interesting and enlightening therapy.


Jacqueline Dennaford


'Worth every penny, and I want to learn the next levels'.


Sue Cook is a caring, wise and knowledgeable Coach who is passionate about her craft and is eager to share her wisdom, knowledge and experience to help everyone. Her Brainbuzzz Training Course will do exactly what the title says! The easy to learn mind/body exercises that she teaches will get your brain buzzing and release your thoughts to flow empowering you to apply and share the learned knowledge to inspire and empower everyone to get their brains buzzing and be their best!


Michael Addison Circular Strength Training (CST) Coach TacFit Field Instructor


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