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Course Details:

Learn how to screen the nerve inputs for their status, and which parts of the brain we are dealing with and the consequences of them not working optimally.


Discover the links between the senses and learning issues.

Who can this help: those diagnosed with autism, aspergers, adhd, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, mutism, and those learning disabled individuals who have not been diagnosed but are struggling at school.


Attendees are required to sign a non-compete and non-share agreement which means that if you train with me, to use the teachings you must use the name brainbuzzz, and not teach the screening process to others. Course Details:

Three days in which you will learn the five stages of the movement programme, how to apply them, and what they are. There will be a great deal of practising and practical application.

There is some relevant science.

The College of Neuro and Sensory Development Presents









Learn the stages of the movement programme, how to apply them, and what they are. There will be a great deal of practising and practical application.


Course: Title: Nutrition Training 1 day

Course Dates for next year coming soon.

Course Details:

One day course on nutrition for special needs based on Sue Cook’s extensive experience of her ADHD father, involvement with the Hyper Active Children Support Group as well her own clinical experience, what she learnt at University.

Karen Stevenson who trained with Sue and then further trained as a nutritionist has teamed up with Sue to present the best support for parents and practitioners alike who want to learn about this.

About Sue Cook:


Sue has been called The Child Brain Whisperer, and people travel from abroad to see Sue. Her cutting edge courses and treatments are making waves around the world.


Sue Cook BSc (Hons) Lic LCCH has been working with spectrum individuals for six years, helping the senses to work better. Treatment methods are based on historic (over a hundred years old) techniques that were originally used for individuals with Cerebral palsy. Then later on Autism. These initial treatments have been added to and refined and they have been used on dyslexic, dyspraxic, dyscalculic, Aspergers, mute and more, individuals for decades.


In memory of Rita Levi Montalcini:


We know why this treatment is effective, thanks to the work of Rita Levi Montalcini for her work with nerve growth factors. Fully grounded in science, neurodevelopment is a rewarding and needed process in this world today where at least one child in every Classroom has learning issues.



Course Title: Practitioner Training 5 days


Ask me about dates.


Brainbuzzz neurodevelopment training

by Sue Cook

Become a neurodevelopmentalist and help people with fulfil their potential


I am writing to you because you expressed an interest in finding out more about my courses, and I aim to provide you with enough information here to decide if this is a career path for you.

Being involved with neurodevelopment has been life changing for me and it is likely to be the same for you.


The symptoms of learning issues have been well documented but what has been missing is an easy and effective treatment and this is what I offer. Based on science, clinical practice and research, this course is tried and tested on many many people.


Learning neurodevelopment can be slotted in to your existing practice if you are a therapist, or it can be an entirely new career. Either way, your work will be important as you will be helping people who would otherwise go untreated. At least one child in every classroom has some kind of learning issue or diagnosed label, so there are plenty of people needing you.


As a parent of a neurodiverse child I understand the issues and know what the frustrations and difficulties are. As a Scientist I was determined to help my son who was severely dyslexic. I applied my knowledge by carrying out research, I discovered neurodevelopment and was lucky enough to be taught by one of the world leaders in the field.


We will show you how to take advantage of neuroplasticity to help people with dyslexia, dypraxia,  dyscalculia, ADHD, Aspergers, mutism,  and other undiagnosed learning issues by giving the brain another chance to develop as it might have done the first time had it occurred optimally.


In the last 30 years there has been an explosion of research into the brain. Rita Levi Montalcini won a nobel prize in 1986 for her work with nerve growth factors. It is now known that every time we learn something new, nerve growth factors get fired and new pathways are formed. So the brain is plastic and it can be changed.


Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in 2000 for his work on memory, showed that when you keep sending a message down an axon the electric jolt that hits the nerve cell causes it to release chemicals to pass across the fluid between cells, and if you do that often enough, new dendrites will sprout from the first cell. This is only part of the scientific proof that the brain is plastic.


The brain learns from movement and development is hierarchical. That’s why if a break in development occurred in utero, birth or in infancy, that stopped those messages, developmental stages become  stuck there, the child can’t move on. This results in dyslexia and the spectrum labels.


To help these we repeat the developmental stages and this is what we teach you in this course. Learning neurodevelopment is easy, and quick to grasp and apply.


You get PDFs and other supporting materials ready to start your practice and you also become part of the brainbuzzz family, with our regular conferences and get togethers. We are a close community and we stay in regular contact.





We work from 9.15 to 3-3.30 on the course. There is a lot to take in and you will probably need a break to digest what we have learnt.


We learn by doing, so all notes (though most students make a few more notes) are provided and printed for you so that you can practice what you are discovering.


PDFs of every stage are provided, both for the screening and for the exercises as well as the science.


When you train your name goes on my website with your contact details so that you can easily be found by people looking for a neurodevelopmentalist in their area.


Brainbuzzz website is

my phone number is 07730188536

Call me to talk about training





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