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The Exercises for Adults: Neuroflow/CORE-cr/brainercise/brainbuzzzercise

Anti ageing exercise programme for adults wishing to regain their balance, improve memory, improve joint mobility, muscle strength and tone and overall wellbeing by reprogramming their body and brain to a younger age. Used by adults in their 60s and 70s, this absolutely has shown to be effective, cheap, accessible and fun.


How it came about

After issues with my own health as a teen (I had the worst case of glandular fever on record at the time), I nearly choked to death and my life flashed before me. That was life changing for me because I then went in pursuit of answers for viruses such as that, and other ways to get well.

Ten years later I began a degree in Health Science and three years later started my own practice.

I had my first son and he turned out to have quite severe dyslexia. We were told there was no cure and we had to live with it. I was not about to accept that as a closed door so I started researching.



I discovered that the brain is plastic, and it is perfectly possible to grow new nerve pathways. I learnt about the primitive reflexes which are present when we are developing, and when they are no longer needed, we evolve a more mature brain. I learnt how to ‘rewire’ my son’s brain. He has not been dyslexic for nearly 11 years. And it is what happened next that I did not expect.


An accidental practice

News of the dramatic change in my son’s behaviour and performance seemed to go out like a shock wave. Parents were contacting me from all over the place asking to see me. I never turned anyone away, and a year later I had already seen a hundred families. I was now charging for my time and experience.


An accidental training company

Before long I was asked to speak at conferences, and delegates asked to learn the neurodevelopment I was using with my patients. So I set up Brainbuzzz (3 Z) and started training people to use neurodevelopment.


How the side effects became useful

When I was training people to be neurodevelopment specialists, and when I was training families, we all noticed how we felt happier, more flexible, stronger, and more toned when we did what we were teaching the children, and we also noted that our memories were sharper and recall better.

So I developed this into an absolutely cutting edge programme for adults.


Tried and Tested

I developed some ‘flows’ making the children’s exercises into an exciting and fresh series of connected brain exercises.

Everyone loved it, and I began teaching classes of people, many in their 60s and 70s, as well as a partially sighted but classified blind girl who noted massive improvements in her vision too.

Everyone was feeling better, with most notable improvements in memory and general wellbeing for everyone.


What’s in a name

It’s been harder to find a name for this cutting edge product than you could imagine.

So far it’s been ‘neuroflow’, ‘CORE-connective resetting’, and now we are using ‘brainercise’ and ‘brainbuzzzercise’.

My followers are loyal and committed because they feel the benefit. Some have trained with me and are running their own classes (and these women are n their 60s).


How does it work?

Every time we repeat a movement we stimulate nerve pathways. When we move in a certain way for the first time (when learning to drive, or learning to dance) we are installing new pathways. Once these are established this is often referred to as being ‘hard-wired’.

So when we repeat movement that wires a baby’s brain (the brain learns through movement and neurotypical development follows a hierarchical system), as adults, we reset our brain to optimum functioning. We know this works with learning disabled people, and we know how it works. What we didn’t know was that it works for adults too and is rejuvenating.

The brain learns through movement of the body, so tailoring movement to target brain function is ‘knowledgeable intervention’.



The flows are possible to do if you are physically fit, in a wheelchair, sitting at a desk, unfit, over weight, diabetic, and more. We know because we have tested it thoroughly and proven it.



No equipment is needed. Just a floor and some space to move. This makes it accessible to all, and cheap.

Improved quality of life


Benefits of this programme:

increased memory recall

improved cognitive functioning

the above makes people feel more confident especially when they felt these factors were on a downward path

and are now improved (in people in their 60s and 70s)

Improved joint mobility (regaining maximum movement in joints that had become restricted)

increased muscle strength and tone (minimising chances of falls

balance (vision and balance is a result of cranial nerves (3rd, 4th, 6th) working properly and with the ears

(vestibular motor) which minimised the chances of falls, leading to greater confidence. This in turn leads to people

being able to go out without fear of falling rather than becoming housebound or dependent on others.

improved flexibility: being able to dress yourself again, put your socks on, etc, gives people back their

independence and confidence.


How to access ‘brainercise’

We have Youtube videos (not open access), we are making DVDs, I am training people. First we need to educate

them in the possibilities available now we know the brain is plastic.

The uses for this programme are potentially life saving and certainly life enhancing.

It’s fun, gentle, and cumulative. Improvement can be seen after one session and it just keeps on getting better.

The genius of this is its simplicity.


The future

We know why and how it works and we know the benefits. Now we need to be able to tell everyone how amazing

this product is for helping people not only feel good but get their freedom and independence back.



want to find out more?  Get in touch.


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