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Practitioner Training 5 days


Course Details:
Learn how to screen the nerve inputs for their status, and which parts of the brain we are dealing with and the consequences of them not working optimally.

Discover the links between the senses and learning issues.
Who can this help: those diagnosed with autism, aspergers, adhd, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, mutism, and those learning disabled individuals who have not been diagnosed but are struggling at school.

Attendees are required to sign a non-compete and non-share agreement which means that if you train with me, to use the teachings you must use the name brainbuzzz, and not teach the screening process to others.
Learn the five stages of the movement programme, how to apply them, and what they are. There will be a great deal of practising and practical application.
There is some relevant science.