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Range of Treatments

Neurodevelopment                         Performance Coaching                                Hypnotherapy


Neurodevelopment, as explained on other pages is what brought you here. After years in practice it became obvious to Sue that her patients often had anxiety or emotional issues. So Sue trained in Performance Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Now, Sue treats a lot of adults who have emotional issues, as well her regular patients.


Performance Coaching enables a person to recover from negative feelings and live a more positive life.

Sue is currently treating patients with agoraphobia, depression and other issues, and is helping them.

We can't make claims for therapies or conditions, and we don't intend to so that here.


Hypnotherapy is similiar to Performance Coaching.


Other methods to help you are available, so if you want to find out more then get in touch.


If you would like to book in a chat with Sue then give her a call on 07730188536.