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By Sue Cook, Jan 15 2020 03:38PM

Some years ago I decided to make chocolate, because I love it, and because I wanted to experiment with making a healthy superfood version that I could recommend to my patients and friends....

Well, and eat myself, obviously.

So after some experimentation and much testing, I found what works.

The ingredients are simple, vegan, healthy, and you can add superfoods and different spices, fruits, nuts and seeds to create what you want.

You don't need any special equipment, but you do need some ingredients.....

I found that I could make a batch in minutes and be eating it in a few more minutes.

It's super quick, super healthy and very very easy.

I made it in to a video course so you can follow along at home.

Access the course here:

It's the 26 dollars and the equivalent in £,

You will find a range of vegan recipe ideas and full video instructions as well as equipment list and everything yuo need to make your own healthy vegan chocolate at home.

This is one of five courses I offer.